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Here's my "art"! :icontwilighthappyplz:
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Sorry if I've seemed whiny lately. Just seeing how the Balanceverse flopped was a bit hard...

I know I said I'm done with fanfic writing, but I haven't done one genre: Romance. 

As my final fanfic, I'll try writing a Soarlight fic. The Big Bad will be familiar to G1 fans, and s/he isn't Tirek. It also takes place after Twilight's Kingdom.

I'll try my best to make something creative, original, and different this time.

Expect OCs, G1 references, corruption, and world-building!

Summary: When evil arrives from the darkest shadows of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle will have to take her greatest test to stop it, while fighting a corruption that threatens to consume her soul...

Tell me what you guys think! I'm putting my all into this fanfic!
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United States
Hi, I'm BrightDark89, but you can call me Dark. I'm social but shy. And I like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Zelda, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Disney, Pokemon, Persona, and writing!

In the Derpibooru Community, I RP as an insane AU version of Soarin. Who likes purple ponies.

Awesome people: :iconangelthewingedcat:, :iconalexwarlorn:, :iconbpskotch:, :iconinovationhtf:, :icon17chaos:, :icondinodude0091:, :iconbalddumborat:, :iconphilsterman:, :icondragonprince18:, :iconvalkyrieknightx7:, and :iconkendell2:
Friends from DB: :iconferalroku:, :icontester610:, :iconimafox:, :iconc0tt0ntales:, :icon0particle:

Favorite ships: Soarin X Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy X Flash Sentry, Aang X Katara, Korra X Bolin
Favourite style of art: Pony-style or my own style.
Skin of choice: …
Favourite cartoon character: Twilight Sparkle, Sokka, Korra, Tetra, Ryoji, Susano
Favorite Pokemon: Hydreigon, Blaziken, Dragonair, Lucario, Umbreon, and Aurorus

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YOu may want to consider getting a fimfiction account an posting your stuff there where it will get more exposure.
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Just did about 15 minutes ago. The prologue of Freezing Night is already posted.
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