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The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Ponyville Schoolhouse's foals, Applejack, Rarity, Carrot Top, Cloud Kicker, Berry Punch, Thunderlane, Sparkler, Spike, and Cheerilee were gathered in Celestia's private study. They were on a field trip.

The study's ceiling was still destroyed, most of the furniture was scorched, and cracks were around the floor. The door opened. It was………… Princess Celestia! "Greetings, Your Highness," Cheerilee said nervously. "We were just on a field trip to Canterlot Castle."

"Um, Princess Celestia, can you tell us a story?" asked Dinky. 

The Princess of the Day laughed. "But I'm sure your siblings have heard the story I'll tell you many times," she said. "Gather 'round, and I shall tell you how Equestria was made…"


AN: Special fangz-


"Oh, that's one of Luna's best pranks!" Celestia laughed, flinging the book out the hole in the ceiling. Cloud Kicker flew up and saw it fall all the way to the foot of Mt. Avalon. "NOW I'll tell you how Equestria was made…"


Long ago, before time, reason, space, and existence, there was Chaos. No, not Discord's type of chaos. Primordial chaos.

And in that Chaos, things were in there. They had no form, as they didn't need one, and yet they were there. We called them the Primordial Ones.

Now, the Deities emerged from the Chaos. There were four:

The first was the white alicorn with the red mane, Laurentia. She represents Harmony, Wisdom, Light, Matter, and Creation.

The second was the blue alicorn with the blue mane: Craigerion. He represented Existence, Courage, Energy, Emotion, Life, and Order.

Third was the black draconequus: Rack. She was the concept of Antimatter, Space, Nothing, Willpower, and Yin.

Fourth was the white draconequus: Ruin. He represents Death, Darkness, Time, Power, and Yang.

The four Deities were formed in the Chaos, yet they have physical forms. And they gave the Chaos Existence.

Naturally, that didn't make the Primordial Ones very happy (that's an understatement). A great battle ensued. When it was over, all the Primordial Ones were dead.

The corpses of the Primordial Ones had colors, though. The Deites used those colors to their advantage.

From the azure, they made time. From the pink, they made space. 

White became the stars, and from the gigantic brown one, they made the earth.

I'll just list them in order:

Yellow: Light
Black: Darkness
Orange: The Sun
Blue: Water
Gray: The Moon
Green: Flora
Cyan: Atmosphere
Red: Fire
Neon: Wind
Gold: Elecricity
Indigo: Ice

But there was nobody to enjoy their creations… so they took the purple and created the first lifeform, Bacteria.

Bacteria split into various invertebrates, then fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.

The first pony was named Epona. She was an earth pony, and all ponies are descended from her. An age of prosperity happened after that.

It ended with the Keyblade War.

Worlds were destroyed, and all was covered in Darkness. The true goal of the warriors was swallowed in it, never to be seen again.

But…… small fragments of light survived… in the hearts of children. They rebuilt the lost world, including ours. 

And the Deities were spared the trouble.

No life except the smallest mammals, the Skree, the birds, and the alligators had survived. So the Deities remade the pony race, starting with yours truly. 

The Keyblade War had stopped the natural order, making ponies the ones who had to control the weather and change the seasons. Places like the Everfree Forest and the Fringe were still natural. 

When an octopus named Squirk flooded Pony Land using a magical artifact called the Flash Stone, the Pannas defeated Squirk, splitting the Flash Stone in half.

To keep that from happening again, Luna was created to watch the moon and rule our subjects. She created the star beasts, like the Ursas.

Dream Valley was our first home.

One fateful day, stratodons descended to foalnap ponies for Tirek, Master of Midnight Castle. A brave pegasus named Firefly went to another world and retrieved Megan.

Megan, along with Twilight the 1st, Applejack the 1st, Bow Tie, and Firefly went on a quest to look for the ponies. 

On the way, they met a dwarf known as the Muchik. The Muchik gave Megan the Rainbow of Light so that she can defeat Tirek with it.

And so she did.

After the Smooze ravaged Dream Valley, the ponies escaped to a new home: Paradise Estate. 

Some memorable adventures they had were ones like the Return of Tambelon, where they fought a goat named Grogar. The city of Tambelon became Tartarus after going into the Dark Realm. But not before Grogar released the first Windigos.

Another one was where Megan and some other ponies had to take the heart of a sentient mountain known as His Elevated Eminence to give it to Crunch the Rock Dog. Crunch was later turned into Cerberus.

And my personal favorite was the one where Megan had to retrieve the wands of the Princess Ponies. By the way, the Crystal Desert became, you guessed it, the Crystal Empire! The heart of His Elevated Eminence is the Crystal Heart, and the Gem-Eyed Ponies are the ancestors of the Crystal Ponies.

The events of Hearth's Warming Eve occured, then the horrors of G2 and G3 began. Luna and I destroyed the rainbow bridge then. Discord was born at the end of G3. He began G3.5, his rule over Equestria. He also turned the flutter ponies into the changelings, but Queen Chrysalis was originally a pegasus.

Paradise Estate was surrounded by a magical barrier, while my sister and I had decided to live like mortals, but still be immortal. 

Discord attacked Paradise Estate, and we used that to our advantage. He called upon the powers of darkness, and we fought at the wastelands called the Broken Leylands. It was there that about half of the Estate ponies were killed by him. A combined effort by them and us managed to knock out one of his teeth. As a counter, he SMASHED THE RAINBOW OF LIGHT.

I used an exploding nut to make our escape back to the Estate, where we held a funeral for the Estate ponies that were killed. To counter Discord, we began to make the weapon that would stop him……………… the Elements of Harmony!

The materials?

The Rainbow of Light
The Sun Stone
The fragments of the rainbow bridge

Discord decided to attack again, so we used the Elements of Harmony! Magic Star had Honesty, Galaxy had Kindness, Whizzer had Laughter, Heart Throb had Generosity, Luna had Loyalty, and I had… Magic!

The Elements of Harmony blasted him with pure friendship in the form of a rainbow, turning him to stone…

And the rest is history.


Applause came from the crowd, which had grown to some of the castle's hoofmaidens, General Tornado, and Luna. "Thank you for listening, my little ponies," said Celestia. She trotted out of the study, most likely going to lower the sun.

"OK, class!" Cheerilee said to her students. "Your homework is……………… to draw something from Princess Celestia's story!"
:iconpinkiehappyplz::iconsaysplz:Maybe next time, there's going to be a story about how Equestria was made!

Inspired by numerous fanfics and headcanon.

Everything belongs to their respective owners.

I told you I'd probably return!
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