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Chapter 1: Dinky's Report

Ponyville Schoolhouse was abuzz with foals presenting their reports on famous ponies.

"Thank you for your report on Minty, Twist," said Cheerilee.

"You're welcome, Mith Cheerilee," replied Twist. She trotted back to her seat.

"Who wants to go next?" Cheerilee asked. She noticed Dinky Hooves raising her hoof. "Dinky, do you want to go?"

"Yes, ma'am!" Dinky exclaimed, trotted up to the front. "My report is about Star Swirl the Bearded."

"You can't do a report better than mine on my great-grandfather!" called Diamond Tiara. A "SHH!" from Silver Spoon kept her quiet.

"OK… Star Swirl the Bearded was the most important conjurer of the Pre-Classical Era. He founded Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns and created over 300 spells. But Star Swirl was best known for his travels around the world to learn about magic." She noticed her classmates, including Silver Spoon, looked extremely excited.

"From his travels," Dinky continued, "Star Swirl learned many things. He learned from the ibex how every creature that uses magic has an epicenter. He also learned from the kirin about how all magic users have a gland that contains magic. His travels even took him to Tartarus! However, he disappeared the same day that Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon."

There was a brief pause. And then………… pretty much everypony in the room (except for Diamond Tiara) applauded her. The bell then rang, meaning that school was out for the day.


"So, muffin, how did your report go?" asked Derpy Hooves.

"It went great!" cried Dinky. 


Derpy, Dinky, and Sparkler were all eating dinner together when a knock was heard at the door. Sparkler opened it. It was………… Twilight Sparkle! "Hi, Twilight!" greeted Derpy. "How are you?"

"Good," replied Twilight. She smiled. "About Star Swirl's disappearance the same day Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon…"

"Yes?" said Derpy.

"Do you want me to go to Canterlot so I can ask Princess Luna herself? Because almost everypony in Ponyville is talking all about Star Swirl," explained Twilight.

Derpy thought for a moment. "OK, Twilight!"


"I'm going to Canterlot tomorrow to ask Princess Celestia about Star Swirl!" announced Spectrum.

"Oh, that sounds like a great idea," called a voice.

"Thanks for the support, Orion!"

"Don't they have sarcasm in Cloudsdale?" replied Orion.


"Applejack, if somepony goes to Canterlot tomorrow, can Ah go with the other two Crusaders?" asked Apple Bloom.

"Apple Bloom, we can talk in th' mornin'," said Applejack, bucking some apples for dinner. "Go run along with yer friends," she added.

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo looked at Apple Bloom. They then said it. "CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS ARCHAEOLOGISTS!" Applejack sighed.
It gets better later.

All my MLP fics take place in the same universe.

This would happen after "Apple Family Reunion."

Dinky's report is based off of Star Swirl's bio on the Where the World Ends Wiki.

Everything belongs to their respective owners.


Most of the chapter: Lazy Afternoons (Kingdom Hearts 2)
Spectrum is Sarcasm Blind: Sky Peak Prairie (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon)
Apple Bloom bothers Applejack: The Gatekeepers (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon)
Ending line: Here Comes Team Charm! (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon)
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