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Chapter 2: Theft and News

A Saturday in Ponyville's park was just like any other Saturday in that park. Even if it was overcast that day, that didn't keep ponies from making a racket while playing.

Much to Orion's annoyance. He was trying to locate the coordinates of Taurus for that night, since Princess Luna was planning a meteor storm around that constellation. But it was still hard marking the coordinates because he had to hold onto the pencil in his mouth.

Carrot Top looked over at what he was doing. "Hi, Orion. Nice new manestyle," she greeted, looking at his spiky mane.

"Thank you, Carrot Top. And if you're wondering what I'm doing, I'm just marking where tonight's meteor storm will occur," he explained. The second sentence had a bit of his usual sarcasm in it.

A ball flew by them, thrown by Carrot's sister Noi. "Hey, Sis!" called Noi. "Want to play with me?"

"I have to go," Carrot said to the astronomer. She galloped off to play with her sister. Orion sighed and galloped off to somewhere more calm.


Lucky raced his brother, named Shady Daze, across the park.


Spectrum and Medley flew down from the sky, having finished weather patrol.

"I'm going to the café for some breakfast," said Spectrum.


"I'll have the daffodil sandwich," he said to Horte Cuisine, "and just… something to drink. Nothing much." The lavender pegasus pulled out ten bits, then put two bits extra for the tip.

Lucky decided to come over to the table, and quickly ordered after Horte brought Spectrum's drink.

"Wait a minute. Princess Wysteria actually defeated the queen of the gorgons?!?" exlaimed Cherry Berry. "As in 'G3' Princess Wysteria?! The bad generation? I mean, it's not as bad as G3.5 (AKA Discord's rule), but still!"

"Yep! And she threw Medusa into Tartarus!" replied Pinkie Pie.

"Isn't that where a group of ponies  banished Grogar and the evil city of Tambelon by using a 'Megan' to ring a bell?" asked Dizzy Twister.

"No, Grogar was banished to the Dark Realm, which later became Tartarus," explained Pinkie.


"THEFT!" called somepony. It was Bon Bon! "Somepony stole my candy!"

Applejack was the only member of the Mane 6 in the town square at that moment. 

"Bon Bon, calm down," said Applejack. "Where did th' thief go?"

"He came to town square, that's for sure! See? Hoofprints!" cried Bon Bon.

"Why don't ya try retracing yer steps?" Applejack offered. "Maybe th' thief could be near yer house right now!"

"Um… thank you, Applejack," thanked Bon Bon, nervous at the thought of the thief in her home. She galloped off. Everypony in the square sweatdropped.

Rarity trotted by, followed by Spike, who was pulling a wagon full of gems. Lyra sat weird while dipping her back legs in the fountain. A few pegasi flew above the square. Zecora had also come into town to buy some herbs for some potion. And the Cutie Mark Crusaders were standing on top of each other.

Yep, this is what an average Saturday morning in Ponyville is like. And then…………

"I'm back!" It was……………… TWILIGHT SPARKLE! "And I have something about Star Swirl that you might want to hear. Get everypony in town. We also need somewhere dark."


Most of the ponies in Ponyville were gathered in the Golden Oaks Library. Twilight levitated a gem in front of everypony.

"What's that?" asked Sunburst.

"Thank you for asking, Sunburst. This is called an Engem," explained Twilight. "It can-"

"Contain magical energy," interrupted Pinkie Pie.

"Pinkie, how did you know that?" said Berry Punch curiously.

"I worked on a rock farm when I was a filly!" replied Pinkie.

"Anyway," Twilight interjected. "This Engem contains a recording of the moments of Star Swirl the Bearded." She set it down, then let it glow. A harsh light came from it, and suddenly, what looked like Canterlot Castle's courtyard appeared, with Nightmare Moon glaring at Princess Celestia.

"CELESTIA, DEAR SISTER. NOW PONIES SHALL APPRECIATE THE NIGHT I GIVE TO THEM!" yelled Nightmare Moon in the Traditional Royal Canterlot Voice. "BECAUSE FROM THIS MOMENT FORTH… THE NIGHT… WILL LAST… FOREVER! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Just like during the Summer Sun Celebration, her mane became much bigger as lightning came out of it.

Twilight could see some of the ponies watching the memory shaking in fear when Nightmare Moon laughed. I guess they've gotten over their fear of Princess Luna, but not Nightmare Moon, she thought.


Celestia teleported away as the Year of the Nightmare began. 

In Canterlot itself, Nightmare Moon began to fly closer, as if the Ponyville ponies were seeing it through somepony's eyes.

"Whoever finds this memory," a wise voice began as they heard bells jingle from above, almost like a hat. "Go North. The continent of Frigus is across the sea. It has been one of the few places in the world that I have not been to. If you go there, I can be at peace, her and me too."

"Hello, Star Swirl," greeted Nightmare Moon.

"Princess Luna… why did you do this…?" Star Swirl asked angrily. He quickly wrote that final entry in his journal, but was interrupted when he got his answer.

"Jealousy," Nightmare Moon simply replied as if it were obvious.

"You would send Equestria into eternal night, which would soon kill everypony, out of envy?!?" roared Star Swirl.

"YOU FOAL! You are but mortal, and that is your flaw. But… I shall give you a memorial on this very spot and a wing in the archives dedicated to the greatest unicorn known in Equestria's history. Now… begone." Lightning came down, the unmistakable howl of a Windigo was heard, and it went dark.
Sorry if most of the chapter has nothing to do with the story. Just showing daily life around Ponyville on a Saturday.

Everything belongs to their respective owners.

I decided for everypony to speak like the present time, because I didn't want to risk any Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe.

Also, I hate the idea that it wasn't Luna's fault that she became Nightmare Moon. And I quote: "The elder sister tried to reason with her, but the bitterness in the young one's heart had transformed her into a wicked mare of darkness: Nightmare Moon."

Sunburst looks like this: [link]


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