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OC Bio by BrightDark89 OC Bio by BrightDark89
I've updated the bio of my OC. :icontwilightderp2plz:

Name: Falling Star
Species: Alicorn (Formerly unicorn)
Personality: Sarcastic, gets freaked out easily, kind of a prankster, quick to anger, short-tempered, goes to sleep during big speeches, doesn't like being woken up early, reckless, enthusiastic
Hometown: Canterlot
Residence: Ponyville
Age: 20
Cutie mark: A comet
Bio: Falling Star was born in Canterlot. He was good friends with Orion, and he had a crush on Twilight Sparkle, even though she was annoyed by him then. He got his cutie mark when he saw Rainbow Dash, thinking she was a comet. It represents his curiosity. Star soon met Princess Celestia. And so, he moved to Ponyville. But he took a wrong turn into the Everfree Forest, and a cranky timberwolf attacked him. Fluttershy saved his life with the Stare, and then she helped him find a house. (It's near the library.) Of course, Pinkie Pie threw a party for him the next day. A few months later, the Summer Sun Celebration occured. Star had never seen Celestia raise the sun before. Then, Nightmare Moon crashed the Summer Sun Celebration, the Mane Six went on their quest for the Elements, and he was present at Luna's return. The reason he became an alicorn was a freak accident.
Catch phrases: "Deal with it."
"Don't ya think th' fashion police will beat ya with their fabulous batons?"
"It's not THAT bad!"
Fears: Insects, Windigos, Marey Sues, Nightmare Moon, Eldritch Abominations
Flaws: Loses his temper easily, is freaked out easily, always fails when trying to get a marefriend
Magic level: About as much as a background pony.
Discorded: An emotionless masochist.
Relations with the Mane Six
Twilight Sparkle: Not much to say, she doesn't like him that much.
Applejack: Good friends.
Rainbow Dash: Doesn't really see her that often.
Rarity: Friends with her.
Fluttershy: She has a crush on him.
Pinkie Pie: Good friends.
Other characters with a relation to him
Spike: 3rd best friend behind Pinkie Pie and Thunderlane.
Princesses: They intimidate him.
The Cutie Mark Crusaders: Tries to act like a brother figure to them. It fails.
Ruin: Very strange. Very strange indeed…
Derpy Hooves: Mailmare (but that's for everypony in Ponyville)
Background ponies he's closest to: Comet Tail, Thunderlane, Blues, Berry Punch, Carrot Top

Also, took the Mary Sue test: he got a 9.
Trope that describes him best: Deadpan Snarker/Butt Monkey
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April 23, 2012
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